Airports are flush. Why tax passengers even more?

Texas’ airport executives want travelers to pay more to fly. They’re lobbying Congress to raise taxes on airline tickets and dedicate that revenue to airport infrastructure projects. Airports already have plenty of funding for infrastructure upgrades. Hiking ticket taxes would needlessly enrich airport operators at the expense of travelers. The members of Texas’s congressional delegation

New airfare tax would crash Florida’s travel industry

Southwest Florida International Airport just announced a $170 million expansion to accommodate its rapidly rising passenger volume. Tampa International Airport just tore down a parking garage as part of its $2.6 billion, three-part renovation plan. In New York, LaGuardia just opened a huge, new 18-gate concourse. Austin Bergstrom International unveiled an in-terminal live music performance

Mitchell fights for affordable air travel

“Fortunately, our own Rep. Paul Mitchell is fighting back. At a recent House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing, he exposed the proposed hike as an unnecessary cash grab.  Under his polite but persistent questioning, airport officials conceded that their existing sources of funding were adequate. As Mitchell knows, any such tax hikes could make flying through

Sen. Wicker, say no to raising taxes on Mississippi fliers

“But revenues at domestic airports already total nearly $30 billion annually. And here in Mississippi, Gulfport-Biloxi International is thriving. This coming summer, it will add new direct flights to Austin, Texas, and Ft. Myers, Florida. Last fall, it opened a new, $800,000 hangar for private planes. Simply put, airports aren’t facing a cash crunch. In

Florida Consumers Stand to Lose (More) from Airport Tax Hike

Despite record-setting revenues, billions in reserve accounts, and promising industry forecasts, U.S. airports are lobbying Congress to increase the passenger facility charge (PFC), a move that would make flying more expensive for the more than 90 million air travelers who board planes in Tampa International or Miami International Airports, or elsewhere in Florida every year.

Work Starts on New Rental Car Facility at John Glenn Airport

Construction has begun on John Glenn Columbus International Airport’s new rental-car facility, prompting road changes around the terminal. However, although one lane has been closed, speed limits have been reduced, and a new return loop to the terminal has been created, no significant delays are expected. Airlines still recommend arriving at the airport 90 minutes

Bustling Denver International Airport Launches Major Expansion, Upgrades

Denver’s airport is flying high. Last year, 64.5 million passengers traveled through its concourses and iconic, tent-capped terminal, making it the fifth-busiest airport in the U.S., according to Federal Aviation Administration statistics that track total takeoffs and landings. That number was up almost 5% over 2017 totals. To top off a heady year, in 2018

Major renovation to begin at Daytona airport

The Volusia County Council will be asked to approve a renovation of the main terminal at Daytona Beach International Airport, the first since it opened in 1992, to give it a more modern look and add amenities that accommodate the present-day needs of travelers and airlines. The funds for the $14 million project would come