Medford airport receives nearly $1 million in grants for improvements

Southern Oregon’s primary airport will receive almost $1 million in grants from the federal government for a number of improvements, the Jackson County Airport Authority said in a statement on Thursday. The Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport (MFR) was awarded $937,500 through the Federal Aviation Administration’s Airport Improvement Program in order to update the airport’s “Master

Increased PFC could keep travelers out of the air

Keith Hansen, vice president of government affairs for Allegiant Travel Company, urged Congress not to increase the PFC tax on travelers. Air travelers are already paying hefty taxes on airfares, and further increases could put air travel out of reach for many leisure travelers, writes Hansen. “The truth is this: Airports are flush with cash

Raising fee would put new burden on air travelers

Increasing the PFC will add up quickly for families and those who fly often for business. Many travelers in rural areas who rely on smaller airports will be hit disproportionately hard by a PFC increase because they have access to fewer direct flights than those closer to major airports in big cities.