DFW Airport, American Airlines reach deal to build a sixth terminal

DFW Airport and American Airlines have reached a tentative deal to build a sixth passenger terminal, as part of a capital improvements package that could reach $3.5 billion. The capital package also will include renovation of Terminal C, which is DFW’s busiest terminal — and the only terminal that hasn’t been renovated in the past two decades.

Let’s Focus On America’s Infrastructure Needs, Not Wants

Getting big things done requires separating the needs from the wants, distinguishing the real priorities from wish lists of some unelected airport executives who are solely focused on their local desires — not the larger picture of the needs of the country. Lawmakers should focus on real infrastructure needs, such as roads, bridges and rail.

U.S. consumer groups, airlines, urge Democrats to abandon PFC hike

In a May 10 letter to Democratic leaders on the House Transportation Committee and Senate Commerce Committee, National Consumers League VP-public policy, telecommunications and fraud John Breyault cited the record $30 billion of revenue collected by US airports in 2017, as well as the $165 billion in infrastructure projects that have been funded since 2009

Appleton Int’l Renovates Terminal, Partners With Local Hospital

With annual passenger growth of 7% to 25% over the last four years, Appleton International Airport (ATW) knew it was time to renovate. After sustained growth over several years, the renovation coincided with a 25% annual increase of passengers in 2018. “Since we were experiencing such growth, one of our biggest challenges was keeping queuing

Two Local Airports to Get Millions of Dollars in Improvements

U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Alabama) has announced that two airports in our area as well as three others in the state will get $20.8 million in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grants. Franklin Field in Union Springs is scheduled to receive $3,866,048 for construction of a runway.  Vaiden Field in Marion will get $2,262,634 for the