Minnesotans don’t need another airport tax

A lot has changed in the airline industry since I retired. I worked for one of the local carriers for more than 20 years, back then air travel was a privilege. Today though, because of the world we live in, air travel has had to adapt to more security measures, more travelers and unfortunately, more

Phoenix Sky Harbor Sky Harbor Approved For 20-Year Renovation Plan

The plan, which will cost about $5.7 billion over 20 years and will be paid for by airport revenue, according to Deborah Ostreicher, the Assistant Director of Aviation for Sky Harbor. The renovation project will help complete the Terminal 3 and Terminal 4 concourses and rework the rail tracks to have more room to the

Medford airport receives nearly $1 million in grants for improvements

Southern Oregon’s primary airport will receive almost $1 million in grants from the federal government for a number of improvements, the Jackson County Airport Authority said in a statement on Thursday. The Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport (MFR) was awarded $937,500 through the Federal Aviation Administration’s Airport Improvement Program in order to update the airport’s “Master