There’s a hidden tax on your airline tickets, and airports want to raise it even higher.

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Airports are flush with cash and are recording sky-high revenues. See where this money is being used to improve the passenger experience without increasing the PFC.

New Taxes On Air Travel Just Won't Fly

Since 2008, there have been
invested in airport improvement projects across the country.

Source: A4A analysis of FAA Form 127 airport database.

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This Tax Hike Won't Fly

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Airline Investment in Airport Improvement Projects

U.S. airlines invested

$20 billion

in 2017 to enhance the travel experience, that’s more than $24 per passenger.

Over $200 billion

has been invest in infrastructure projects at airports across the country since 2008, all without a tax increase. Airlines are strong partners in airport finance, and the long-standing collaboration with airports is helping make air travel more efficient and more convenient for all customers.

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#ICYMI from @ktoenews: FAA grants will improve airports across Minnesota. Passengers shouldn’t be taxed more when airports already have plenty of money for improvements. #StopAirTaxNow

We’ve been trying to think of a Halloween costume, but none of our ideas are scarier than Congress trying to raise airport taxes on passengers like you. 🎃 👻 Tell them that just won’t fly. #StopAirTaxNow

The FAA recently awarded $16.6 MILLION to McAllen International Airport, which will fund over 20,000 feet of construction. Airports are clearly flush with cash. #StopAirTaxNow

Doña Ana County International Jetport announced it will begin a $9M improvement plan next week to replace their 9,550-foot runway. Airports have enough funding without raising taxes on passengers. #StopAirTaxNow

It’s #TransformationTuesday, and we’re in awe of all the infrastructure projects underway at U.S. airports. But there’s one change we don’t want: passengers to pay more in airport taxes. #StopAirTaxNow Learn more:

Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport will get $9.1M in funding this year from the FAA, almost 500k more than the FAA had originally announced. It’s clear: airports have more than enough money without charging passengers an increased PFC. #StopAirTaxNow

The FAA recently granted #MYR $12 million for improvements to its taxiway. Airports already have plenty of money – passengers shouldn’t be taxed even more. #StopAirTaxNow

#MCO is set unveil a new $2 billion-plus terminal project by 2021. And the good news for travelers - it’s all happening without a #PFC tax hike. #StopAirTaxNow

Airports from Anchorage to Yuma are receiving some of the $3.18 billion in AIP grants the FAA is awarding. With billions flowing to airports, why should you have to pay more taxes? New air taxes just won’t fly:

“If airports were struggling, a national PFC increase would be understandable. However, this is not the case as airports across America are thriving… A PFC increase is unnecessary.” – Carole Boddicker in @gazettedotcom. #StopAirTaxNow

#ICYMI: the FAA awarded $157 million MORE in grants for airports in 19 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Airports already have plenty of money for improvements – passengers shouldn’t have to pay increased air taxes. #StopAirTaxNow

$6.8 MILLION: That’s how much money the Texarkana Regional-Webb Field Airport just received from the FAA for improvement projects. Airports have enough funding without raising taxes on passengers. #StopAirTaxNow

Fitchburg Municipal Airport has received $13.8M from the FAA to repair its runways – just a fraction of the $3B that the FAA plans to distribute this year. Airports don’t need more money and passengers shouldn’t have to pay higher taxes. #StopAirTaxNow

Ormond Beach Municipal Airport has just received more than $3M in federal grants for airport improvements. That’s enough to cover 90% of project costs under current funding levels. #StopAirTaxNow

#ICYMI Last week, the FAA announced $986 million in grants to U.S. airports for improvements – the latest installment of more than $3 billion they plan to award this year. #StopAirTaxNow

UPS has signed a 10-year lease with the Eastern Iowa Airport to occupy a new 40,000 foot cargo facility that will cost $10.2 million to build. Airport officials say that cargo traffic has increased more than 24% in the last 5 years. ---

Cedar City Airport will be getting runway rebuild

The FAA announced on Monday that $17 million will go toward infrastructure improvements at airports in North Carolina, including the Pitt-Greenville Airport.

The Federal Aviation Administration will award $6.4 million in infrastructure grants to @LASairport, U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announced. #8NN

The Federal Aviation Administration said Monday it would give St. Louis Lambert International Airport $4.65 million in grants.