There’s a hidden tax on your airline tickets, and airports want to raise it even higher.

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Airports are flush with cash and are recording sky-high revenues. See where this money is being used to improve the passenger experience without increasing the PFC.

New Taxes On Air Travel Just Won't Fly

Since 2008, there have been
invested in airport improvement projects across the country.

Source: A4A analysis of FAA Form 127 airport database.

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This Tax Hike Won't Fly

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Airline Investment in Airport Improvement Projects

U.S. airlines invested

$20 billion

in 2017 to enhance the travel experience, that’s more than $24 per passenger.

Over $200 billion

has been invest in infrastructure projects at airports across the country since 2008, all without a tax increase. Airlines are strong partners in airport finance, and the long-standing collaboration with airports is helping make air travel more efficient and more convenient for all customers.

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U.S. airports have record revenues and millions of dollars in federal grants – plus, there’s $7B in the federal aviation trust fund. New taxes on air travel just won’t fly. #StopAirTaxNow

“America’s airports are well-positioned to continue to fund infrastructure improvement projects without needlessly reaching into the pockets of America’s working families...” Read more via @ChronicleChasSC #StopAirTaxNow

#TXK received an FAA grant to start construction on a new terminal next year, which will improve safety and security under existing funding - without requiring a tax hike on passengers. #StopAirTaxNow

Notice airport improvements lately? $200B+ has been invested in U.S. airport infrastructure projects since 2008. Airports don’t need more money at the expense of passengers. New taxes on air travel just won’t fly. #StopAirTaxNow

Airport construction is booming across the country – including at airports near you! Airports are flush with cash, and passengers shouldn’t have to pay an increased PFC. #StopAirTaxNow

Last week, I joined our Senators in announcing a $6.7M grant for improvements to the Trent Lott International Airport. This grant will allow for increased economic activities in south Mississippi.

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Trent Lott International Airport is getting a big upgrade to accommodate larger planes. Today @SenHydeSmith, @CongPalazzo, and I announced $6.7M to support this project.

Airport construction is booming across the country – including at airports near you! Airports are flush with cash, and passengers shouldn’t have to pay an increased PFC. #StopAirTaxNow

Andre Cushing in @PressHerald: “I live and work in Penobscot County and have to take many connecting flights for work. It rankles me that I, and many fellow Mainers, could get socked with an increased [#PFC]” #StopAirTaxNow

Nebraska's North Platte Airport's budget is tripling to $9.28 million, including $7 million in projects funded by @USDOT grants. So why do some airports want more taxes? #LBF #StopAirTaxNow

Southwest Florida International Airport is building a new air traffic control tower thanks to $80M in state grants and airport revenue—all without needing an increase in airport taxes on passengers. #RSW #StopAirTaxNow

The newest phase of construction at St. Pete-Clearwater Airport (#PIE) is underway as a part of the airport’s $580M Gateway Expressway project. Modernization is already happening around the country—new air taxes just won’t fly. #StopAirTaxNow

Airport modernization is thriving with billions available for projects like new terminals and amenities. You shouldn’t have to pick up the tab for future projects by paying an increased PFC. #StopAirTaxNow

There's a $25 million parking deck construction project set to begin at Chattanooga Airport (#CHA) next spring, and terminal expansion is scheduled to follow in early 2021. Airport modernization is happening without a tax hike—#StopAirTaxNow!

Did you know some in Congress are considering lifting the cap on a little-known airport tax called the Passenger Facility Charge? If they have their way, the PFC could more than double. Tell them you already pay enough in airport taxes. #StopAirTaxNow

Waterloo Regional Airport (#ALO) will receive $130,000 from Iowa’s Department of Transportation Office of Aviation for hangar repairs. With airport improvement projects thriving across the country, new taxes on air travel just won’t fly. #StopAirTaxNow

#TBT to Dee Stewart in last week’s @gazettedotcom: "Raising the PFC would make it much harder for Iowa’s families and businesses to afford air travel — especially since there aren’t many direct flights out of small airports like ours.” #StopAirTaxNow

[email protected] details $2B in airport improvements coming to #BostonLogan (#BOS) in the next five years, including expanded/upgraded terminals, thousands of new parking spaces, improved transportation flow and more.

If you had nearly $7B sitting around, would you ask your friend to pick up the tab? Airports have billions waiting to be spent, but they still want you to pay more in taxes. Tell your member of Congress: new air taxes won’t fly. #StopAirTaxNow

"It doesn't make sense to ask passengers – who are contributing billions of dollars to airport coffers and supporting local and federal economies – to pay more in travel taxes, especially when there is no demonstrated need." #StopAirTaxNow