There’s a hidden tax on your airline tickets, and airports want to raise it even higher.

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Airports are flush with cash and are recording sky-high revenues. See where this money is being used to improve the passenger experience without increasing the PFC.

New Taxes On Air Travel Just Won't Fly

Since 2008, there have been
in airport improvement projects completed, underway, or approved
at airports all across the country.

Source: A4A analysis of FAA Form 127 airport database.

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This Tax Hike Won't Fly

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Airline Investment in Airport Improvement Projects

U.S. airlines invested

$20 billion

in 2017 to enhance the travel experience, that’s more than $24 per passenger.

Over $165 billion

of capital projects have been completed, are underway or approved at the nation’s 30 largest airports alone since 2008. Airlines are strong partners in airport finance, and the long-standing collaboration with airports is helping make air travel more efficient and more convenient for all customers.

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Airports have $14.5B of cash and investments on hand. An uncapped PFC = a blank check for airports to pad their coffers. #StopAirTaxNow

Good news for Kentucky: “Major makeover” planned for #SDF with a $100M modernization project. Construction projects like this are happening across the U.S. – that’s why travelers shouldn’t have to pay more airport taxes! #StopAirTaxNow

“There simply isn’t a crisis in airport funding and the government should not look to passengers, who are already overburdened with taxes and fees, to finance airport infrastructure.” #StopAirTaxNow

Do you know how much travelers pay in airport taxes? It’s a whopping $6.9B! Tell Congress: New taxes just won’t fly with you. #StopAirTaxNow

“It’s simply irresponsible to ask customers – who already pay $6.9 billion each year in taxes supporting U.S. airports – to pay even more. Congress should see this for what it is, a cash grab by airports on the back of people who fly.” #StopAirTaxNow

Earlier this week, airports tried to justify their call for a tax increase on travelers. Here’s why they’re wrong: airport modernization is thriving and airports are flush with cash. #StopAirTaxNow

"Airports are already managing to fund upgrades with the existing fees and tax revenue they receive. If you've been through MSP, you have seen firsthand that construction is underway and airport amenities have never been better." #StopAirTaxNow

Who doesn’t wish they had extra billions?! The U.S. Aviation Trust Fund has a $7B surplus just waiting to be spent. It’s even projected to soar to $47.7B by 2029. Airports don’t need more money, and new air taxes just won’t fly. #StopAirTaxNow

Major expansion, modernization + a new people-mover aren’t the only things to look forward to at #LAX…there may be a new hotel too! Across the nation, major airport improvements are booming. #StopAirTaxNow

Here’s a look at the Pittsburgh Intl. Airport’s recently completed lounge. $165B has been invested to improve airports across the U.S. w/out tax hikes – and clearly it’s paying off! #StopAirTaxNow

Attention Arizonans: Two new lounges will be coming to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport! Across the U.S. $165B has been invested to improve the nation’s largest airports. Tell Congress: Increased airport taxes won’t fly with you. #StopAirTaxNow

An expanded club just opened at Pittsburgh Intl. Airport w/ free breakfast, a mixologist and showers to boot. So why do some in Congress want to increase airport taxes!? Airports are flush with cash and consumers shouldn’t have to pay more. #StopAirTaxNow

Good news: @Reagan_Airport continues its large-scale improvement project on a new concourse. Another example of thriving airport modernization! #StopAirTaxNow

[email protected]_Nashville is making improvements in aircraft gates, terminal space, and more. BNA isn’t alone – $165B has been invested in the nation’s largest airports. Airport modernization is thriving and consumers shouldn’t have to pay more airport taxes!

🚨 @consumerpal estimates the cost of raising a hidden airport tax called the PFC – and it’s not good. “A PFC hike would reduce the number of air passengers in the U.S. by 7.5M in 2019 and cause consumer welfare to drop by $3.1B/year” #StopAirTaxNow

Why should you have to pay more in taxes when airports don’t need the money? Spoiler alert: you shouldn’t! Tell Congress new taxes on air travel just won’t fly: #StopAirTaxNow

#DYK: Airport modernization is thriving across the country? So why do some in Congress want you to pay more in taxes supporting airports? Tell Congress that airports are flush with cash and you don’t want to pay them more: #StopAirTaxNow

If your city thrives on tourism, this message is for you. Some in Congress want to raise an airport tax called PFC that could deter travelers, hurting local economies. Tell Congress new taxes on air travel just won’t fly: #StopAirTaxNow

#DYK: There’s a hidden airport tax that you pay every time you fly? Now airports want you to pay even more. Tell Congress: new taxes on air travel won’t fly.

“You may not have heard of the Passenger Facility Charge before, but it’s a hidden tax that you’ve been paying for years.” Read why there’s literally NO REASON to slam passengers with more airport taxes: